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Thanksgiving for extra help from miles away!

For the past eight years, our resident craftsperson, Mrs Foo, has protected at least three months before Chinese New Year to craft each and every piece singlehandedly. We've had to turn away orders every single year since we started in 2010 because there really is only so much a person can craft. This year, we are so thankful we found some family friends in Thailand to help our little hob-biz! Our friend Ae and his family, as well as his long-time friends, Mr and Mrs Jai, are seasoned craftspersons based in Bangkok. They have sewn for their families and small productions for decades and we cannot be more grateful to have them come on board our Missy Messy team! Like...

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One for the Road

I'll be honest — Chinese New Year isn't a time I love. It's been that way since I was little. Every sound feels a few decibels too high, the schedules too packed, the food too much. Every well-meaning family wants to share their favourite pineapple tarts and I'm sometimes too meek to say no even though I really, really do not like these sweet pastries. So after we've had our daughter, we started packing homemade snacks for her (and also for ourselves) and in the name of nutrition and health, we've managed to get away from some of the festive calorie-laden snacking. This is a little part of our arsenal of breezy, light bring-alongs for the family, easy on the palate, and...

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How we love shooting with Leon! He loves children and knows them well. While we see mess and hear noise, he finds smiles and spots angles. We never quite know when the photoshoot begins and ends, because he always makes it seem like such a breeze. We are truly thankful for his accommodation to our preferred style, editing the photos in various ways so we get a good selection. There are even out-takes we still laugh over! Thank God for this family we share wanton mee lunches with, and who always remembers us in their travels and prayers. Thank you, Leon!

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She's our dear friend whose two bubbly and charming boys have now become our little girl's firm friends. When we first asked her to help us snap some shots for one of Missy Messy's collections, she was a full-time working mother with a crawling toddler, juggling many different tasks, and she didn't even think twice about doing this for us on a precious weekend. She's stylish, laughs heartily, takes photos beautifully. And we love her so. Our multi-talented friend writes prolifically on her personal blog Yannisms, and together with a community of like-minded women, shares her motherhood journey on Bubsicles, baring many candid, honest and funny moments. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and that's what we love the most about her writing...

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