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'B' is for... Monogram Nursery Illustration by Poppetry

When Missy Messy started making clothes in 2010, we approached our dear friend, May of Poppetry, to help us design our logo. She turned our vague brand concept into a style guide that fully represents us.

Her inspiration for the Missy Messy colours of brown, pink and cream came from the palettes she observed in our home. 

As a designer, May is empathic, creative, observant and full of artistic vision. It is our pleasure to have a partner like her. 

Do pop by her web space, “a little shop peddling ready-made and bespoke illustrations and graphics for little poppets," to browse the beautiful and cheerful prints she makes. You can also read more of Poppetry from this Bubsicles article by Yann.

Visit Poppetry @ http://folksy.com/shops/poppetry


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