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Gideon was our wedding photographer and having become a dear family friend, he has shared many of our memories and dreams. When we first mooted the idea of starting a little family project in Missy Messy, he was the first to offer his time and gift of the eye. The lookbook of our first two collections were conceptualized by him, and we are ever so grateful for the direction he has paved for us. My heart still skips a beat reliving the pictures he has shot of Raeann, our girl and Missy Messy's resident model. He singlehandedly made that humid day in the neighbourhood park look and feel almost like a crisp autumn day in a wonderland.

The multi-talented man is now the proud owner of Zak Residence in Chiangmai! We are big fans of his style and personality, and we are pretty sure this place will have much to offer! You can read more reviews here.

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