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One for the Road

I'll be honest — Chinese New Year isn't a time I love. It's been that way since I was little. Every sound feels a few decibels too high, the schedules too packed, the food too much. Every well-meaning family wants to share their favourite pineapple tarts and I'm sometimes too meek to say no even though I really, really do not like these sweet pastries. So after we've had our daughter, we started packing homemade snacks for her (and also for ourselves) and in the name of nutrition and health, we've managed to get away from some of the festive calorie-laden snacking. This is a little part of our arsenal of breezy, light bring-alongs for the family, easy on the palate, and...

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It's the little things

  Tonight, I’ll write. I’ll write a list of things I’m thankful about that didn’t make it to our family ritual of nightly thanksgiving. The little things. The littlest things. The lines on the panini after it has gone on the griddle.  The still-defined rosetta at the bottom of the coffee cup. The half eaten pandan cake that forms an oddly perfect heart shape. The cake cream stained a beautiful bluish-purple by the rainbow sprinkles. The smell of my freshly laundered jammies.   The bread and jam that I’m going to have for breakfast tomorrow. Just bread and jam.  This isn’t a grand life. It may never be. But somehow, it’s okay. It isn’t okay sometimes, but at the end of...

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