A goodbye note: read more here.

A Goodbye Note

This is a little hard to write and if you find my ramblings inconsequential, just skip to the last three paragraphs!


So…after a relatively long run of handcrafting clothes from scratch for a decade, we think we are ready to bade farewell. There is a twisting ache from a deep recess of my heart. We began as a family, grew Missy Messy as a family and even as we end this story, we are a family closer and stronger than ever. We lasted longer than we thought we would, thanks to the support of friends and customers who have become friends.


As you would know by now, my mother-in-law has been the backbone of Missy Messy, the main craftsperson. She’s the one who gets my amateurish sketches and designs, the one whose tight stitches holds this business together. She’s getting on age and we would really like her to rest. Missy, my daughter who inspired it all, is also quite done with modelling for muffins and is more often found in dri-fit tops and her fencing gear than in our creations. Pressing pause now seems right, even though the rewind button brings tears to my eyes.


We do have limited pieces of crafted items left and we hope they will reach new homes and become part of your family’s treasured memories. We’ve never had a sale because we have always believed in pricing them at a value that simultaneously respects our craftspeople and does not demand your moolah unabashedly.


At the closing of our chapter, however, we think it’s befitting to thank you with a never-before sale. Enjoy our carefully crafted products with a storewide 30% discount (which is really about all or more than our profit margins!) and free SmartPac shipping. We pray that when you choose to cart our products, you’ll remember us and our love and labour in every stitch and design!


Our online store will remain open until Aug 15th but we’ll be keeping our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram alive (they’re free, haha!). So please say hi, hashtag us #missymessysg. This is goodbye, yet not quite. Let our creations live on in your family, will you?


From all of us here at Missy Messy—Yuling, Andy, Raeann and Mdm Foo—we thank you.