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About Us


Hello there! We are Missy Messy - founded by Andy & Yuling, supported by our sweetheart, Raeann and our dearest mother, Mdm Foo!

Missy Messy is what we call a 'hob-biz', a term Andy coined to describe our family's hobby of designing clothes for Raeann that has by God's grace, turned into a little business with our own indie label!

Missy Messy's children's clothes are all lovingly designed and handcrafted from scratch. Nothing is mass-manufactured. Every button hand-sewn, every fabric a choice pick, each stitch a sincere endeavour so our customers can make merry in style!

It's a very lean model we have here. We take care of the fabric and button choices, sketch out designs and fine-tune details with our mother, our dedicated and very talented craftsperson. Sample designs are then tested and modelled on our precocious little one, who provides some of the most practical advice ever! 

Here, we do things just a little differently. No sales or discount codes because we believe in pricing fairly, right from the beginning. That’s a good deal every day, won’t you agree?

We have the sweetest memories building Missy Messy up together as a family, and we truly wish our creations are part of your little ones' fondest moments too. Thank you for supporting local, for supporting handmade. Thank you for your faith and love for our family's hob-biz.